Save Historic Places

Save Historic Places titlecard

Preservation is saving historic places.

At the National Trust for Historic Preservation, we work to preserve and protect landscapes, buildings, and neighborhoods that have played a meaningful role in our past. We want future generations to be able to experience and discover their own connections to these places as well.

We have several programs focused entirely on identifying endangered historic places and taking action to save them.

  • National Treasures. Irreplaceable historic places across the country -- from beloved local schoolhouses to well-known monuments -- illustrate the American story in all its richness. We are building a portfolio of endangered National Treasures, and raising needed funds, creating coalitions of advocates, and fighting in the courts to protect them.
  • America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places. Over the past quarter century, this list has identified more than 250 sites threatened by dangers from neglect and development to demolition. Since the introduction of the 11 Most list in 1988, we've been able to save 97% of these places, in large part thanks to the vocal support of our members.
  • Advocacy Center. Sometimes the best way to save historic places is to advocate for robust legislation that supports preservation, so we have created a central place for you to learn about all of our current advocacy work and find actions you can take to make a difference right away.

When you sign a pledge, email a public official, or vote for your favorite historic place, you’re helping us with our ongoing work. But we also know there are places close to home that need more of your hands-on support. To get local help, contact your State Historic Preservation Office or State and Local Preservation Partners.

Let’s get started saving historic places!