Support Local Communities

Support Local Communities titlecards

Preservation is supporting your local shops on Main Street.

Small communities from coast to coast are often the greatest places to see preservation in action. Local businesses understand the value of giving old buildings another chance -- in addition to helping establish the surrounding community as an economic magnet by engaging residents and drawing in new visitors, reusing historic places adds to the charm and character of the surrounding area.

Here are just a few of the ways you can help:

  • Consider shopping at nearby mom-and-pop stores or farmers’ markets to support your community.
  • Take a walk down the Main Street in your town to get to know the people behind your local businesses.
  • Check around to see if there are any “Buy Local” campaigns near you – you’ll find other people who are passionate and proud of their locally grown products and stores.

Most of all, local, sustainable, vibrant communities are places where we can go to explore our heritage, learn about our past, and grow a bright future for the next generation.

In other words, preservation starts here.