Preservation Priorities

Preservation Priorities are high profile, cross-cutting preservation issues of importance to the saving of historic places and the growth of the preservation movement in America. The National Trust plays an important role in these issues at a national level through policy, research, advocacy, and outreach.

Priority: Building Sustainable Communities

Priority: Building Sustainable CommunitiesThe National Trust encourages decision makers to employ the reuse and retrofit of older buildings as a key element of a sustainable communities strategy, resulting in decreased building demolitions and increased carbon savings. We also focus on protecting and enhancing the federal Historic Tax Credit, a critical financial incentive for the reuse of old buildings.

Priority: Promoting Diversity and Place

Priority: Promoting Diversity and PlaceAmerica’s diverse communities need increased capacity and resources to protect and publicize places that matter to them. Through a range of broad-based strategies, we strive to build recognition and support for diverse sites.

Priority: Protecting Historic Places on Public Lands

Priority: Protecting Historic Places on Public LandsThe National Trust advocates for greater stewardship of significant historic places on public lands managed by the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, and U.S. Forest Service. Goals include increase in acres protected, preservation funding, programs, staff, and favorable policy.

Priority: Re-imagining Historic Sites

Priority: Re-imagining Historic SitesGiven the challenges faced by historic sites nationwide, the National Trust is evolving its own portfolio of sites to achieve higher levels of financial sustainability, structural integrity, and programmatic quality, while using this experience to inspire and inform other historic sites.